And the nominations are…

And the nominations are…

There was an excited buzz in the office on hearing that we had made it to the short list for this year’s Cambridge News Top Innovation Awards. An honour to be standing alongside the cleverest companies from Cambridge’s cluster. Not only our very first award ceremony but it was being held at the prestigious and very beautiful Downing College.

The day started off at the Cambridge University Fresher’s Fair… mustn’t forget to mention the 6am start to face the A14 heading into Cambridge to setup the WizPar stall in time. Meeting lots of fresh faced students and telling them about our little app was brilliant. But, seated in the back of my mind was the awards ceremony and the logistics of getting ready in 10 minutes…

As the fair drew to a close, a very smart Peter and Mark from the WizPar team suddenly appeared. They rushed about dismantling everything in their sight. Would we make the ceremony in time? I made a mad dash to the Kelsey Kerridge toilets. Like some crazed super hero… (Wonder Woman springs to mind…) I twisted and struggled to change in the narrow cubicle. I had opted for a fancy dress which I hoped still fitted me. Just.

So off Mark and I trotted along Parker’s Piece towards Downing College. Notice that I describe the walking as ‘trotted’. High heel shoes and I are a bad, bad combination… (It became worse once we hit a cobbled, uneven path within the college grounds).

We had made it! Soon the room filled with eager and innovative people. We managed to make new friends quickly, exchanging ‘our stories’ behind these fledgling businesses. All fascinating! But, who was going to win?

Cambridge News and Media managing director Richard Duxbury started the ceremony, helping to build the anticipation.. Who would win? Sadly, our name didn’t get called out but we applaud the companies that did. We had faced serious competition, remaining honoured to have shared the innovation platform with such contenders. Well done to all the winners!

Maybe next time?



Credits & copyright: photographs kindly supplied by the Cambridge Evening News