Fresh from the fair!

Fresh from the fair!

It only seems like yesterday when the WizPar team was last at the Cambridge University’s Freshers’ Fair.  Our WizPar mission to give away goodies and spread the good word about the revolutionary app. Compare to last year, the app has changed so much and the team were only too keen to keep talking about WizPar. (The very early morning starts hadn’t changed!)

So hello to everyone that the WizPar team met! 🙂 You guys were certainly a lively and fun bunch. This is exactly the reason why the whole WizPar team look forward to the event! Same atmosphere with a real buzz of excitement, especially from those just starting their student journey at Cambridge. There were so many of you too! This year, you guys really loved our merchandise, from pens to mugs. The WizPar bags were very much welcomed as many of you struggled to balance the mounts of goodies and leaflets!

So, how did the WizPar team start their day? After the stall was set up, the WizPar team got to relax a few minutes before the great doors opened. This year we started the morning eating fresh pizza from Domino’s! Yep, you read that right! (Thank you guys!). Our second choice was fresh coffee from the nearby cafe. Then, we were all ready, along with the other businesses and societies’ to start meeting and greeting. By the way, if you have never been to a freshers’ fair, your jaw would be hitting the ground in dismayed by the vastly different societies on offer. There is really something for everyone.

One of our new WizPar tools is the dashboard. The whole idea behind the dashboard is to give you the ultimate control, perfect if you want to filter the content that you see. WizPar is the only app on the market to give you the feature to curate your own streams. Many of you loved the idea. Also, this time round there are now several new streams, especially for students. Streams covering the majority of colleges, faculties and departments, along with localised what’s on entertainment in the form of Ents24.

For our next post we will be announcing the annual student winner of the cream tea experience. Just need to caught our boss Peter Dawe to draw the all important piece of paper! Will it be you? Keep your eyes peeled! 🙂