Fun run with WizPar very close by!

Fun run with WizPar very close by!

Last Saturday saw me getting ready to do a charity family fun run…  To be quite honest it filled me with fear. I don’t run. Full stop. If I must run, it usually involves wasps… So, I agreed to do the run with my two small children. (And fellow mummies).

On the morning of the run, I spent three hours looking for my trainers. Finally located in the corner of a cupboard, covered in cobwebs. Not a few, but a thick layer only seen in horror movies. The trainers seem to scream on meeting the sunlight. I shook them to find a dead spider. I was almost ready…

Next was raiding through the house looking for a ‘sporty’ suitable t-shirt. Could I find one? Nope. Then some sharp red colour caught my eye… A-ha! My WizPar t-shirt! I was saved! Not only perfect for the occasion but, here was my chance to get a promotion from the big bosses by giving the app some free advertising. Forget the sandwich board – here was a dynamic woman ‘running’ with WizPar shouting from her back at everyone that passed her. This was the image I had in my head.

Okay… I wasn’t dynamic… I was staggering not so gracefully across the finish line, grasping for air whilst wondering if WD40 would help my joints. But, hey I did it! I really did have something to WizPar about!

Here is a picture from the start of the race, I’m on the right with a fellow mummy. 🙂