Fresh at ARU’s Fair!

Fresh at ARU’s Fair!

Last Friday saw the WizPar team attending their very first fresher’s fair in Cambridge. I started the morning downing 10 super strong coffees as the 6am start was a shock to the system, along with facing the chaotic A14, hoping the drive would get better.

Feeling rather pleased with myself, I had found the right car park level to start unloading the WizPar merchandise and the flashy exhibition stand. (Anyone who knows me, will understand this is quite an achievement considering my sense of direction…) In the car park people milled around with boxes and a man battled to balance a million bags off his arms. I smugly wheeled my trolley behind me.

I was greeted by WizPar team member and partner in crime Jordan. He rushed around setting up the stall like a whirlwind whilst I became inventive hooking frames together… Despite being above average height, I just needed a few more inches to reach. To help with the height problem I was using my small children’s plastic step they use to reach the bathroom taps… I just hoped that this step wasn’t going to give way.

Come 10am all the stallholders were pretty much ready to start meeting students… admittedly there were a few late comers struggling against the flows of students now descending on the fair. Excited, fresh faced young students quickly squiggling their names down for societies… then on the look-out for the freebies.

I finally met the man of my dreams… tall, dressed in black and a superhero… Batman… He stood almost opposite on another stand amongst free popcorn whiffs and the blaring speakers. I was too busy to talk so I gave him back the silent treatment and left him to his fans.

For almost 6 hours non-stopped, we had a steady crowd to the stall, chatting about where they were from… what they were studying… and how the WizPar app could help them out as they would now be so busy either studying or embracing the brilliant nightlife of Cambridge.

Being pitched near the loud speakers has its advantages and disadvantages… Advantages includes ‘looking cool’ cracking dance moves when the volume is way too loud to be heard. For a few minutes a 40-something can look “down with the kids” or doing the ‘dad dance’ thing being greeted with pitied expressions, with little eye contact… Then, there’s disadvantages… shouting over the music… but, hey all part of the fun.

It was great meeting the new students of Anglia Ruskin University and their respective societies – thanks for stopping by and from the WizPar team ‘Welcome!’.

The following day having done more talking than average, my children were very happy mummy had lost her voice… taking advantage of being told off by silence. Mummy on the other hand was looking forward to reliving her youth by going to her first gig in years.  A gig I only stumbled on by accident whilst using WizPar.

Next week, we will be covering the Cambridge University Fair for two whole days. Come and say hello! 🙂