Our Pizza and Punters event :-)

Our Pizza and Punters event :-)

Earlier this month we announced that we’d be running our first brainstorming and feedback event in Cambridge. Working alongside David from Cambridge University’s Spacefinder (Futurelib), luckily for us David has plenty of experience running events! So… it happened! We had so much fun – so thank you! We met so many new people from such a wide variety of backgrounds. And the feedback was plentiful and extremely useful 🙂

Our users entered a completely relaxed and informal environment, where they had the freedom to stay or leave when they wanted to. To complete the informality, fresh pizza was ordered. So yummy! Everyone was happy.

The WizPar development team had just released a new version of the app, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to get people to try it out at the event. The users completed some simple tasks and were able to share with us their user experience. They shared their thoughts on how WizPar worked for them, this included how how fast or slow, the overall design.

Having spoken to a number of users, we realised the experience is completely different for each and every person, particularly dependent on mobile platform. The people’s expectations were not the same.

Once again, thank you for such a fun day 🙂